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About Us


Why SIT Nagpur?


The Symbiosis Advantage

During the past 50 years, brand Symbiosis has come to stand for value-driven quality education throughout the country. SIT students enjoy the benefits of this brand name and what it stands for even after they graduate from SIT. Experience places them at a distinct advantage when they enter the job market.

Symbiosis Institute of Technology, being the flagship institute of the prestigious Symbiosis International (Deemed University), has set high standards for itself.

  • Quality education in line with the requirements of today’s competitive industry and rapid development in technology.
  • Provides an environment conducive for harnessing the potential of faculty and students through systematic & practical learning both within and outside the classrooms.
  • Highly qualified and experienced faculty and their continual professional growth through attending conferences and publications of research paper.
  • Regular revision of curriculum in line with the fast-changing need of the industry.
  • Employing innovative methods of teaching and providing ample opportunities for learning outside the classroom through projects, technical fests, and cultural programmes.

Highlights of SIT

B.Tech with Honors Program

Unique opportunity to gain special additional degree with interdisciplinary knowledge. SIT offers Honors program in a wide variety of specializations. One can choose domain specific (Honors) program to reinforce knowledge. With Honors programs like Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, the students would get an extra edge in the technology driven future.


Symbiosis Centre for Entrepreneurship & Innovation (SCEI) is a Government recognized and funded start-up Technology Business Incubator (TBI) that handholds individuals/entities with business/product ideas from ideation of spinoffs and start-ups to the point of commercialization through provision of mentorship and services.


Students of SIT are provided with opportunities to undertake research activities through internship and B. Tech projects at dedicated research centres on campus including Symbiosis Centre for Waste Resource Management (SCWRM), Symbiosis Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (SCNN), Symbiosis Center for Medical Image Analysis (SCMIA), Symbiosis Centre for Applied Artificial Intelligence (SCAAI). Students work on funded projects to solve real life problems, leading to IP filing/ presentation at a conference /journal publications.

Tinker Lab

Tinker lab is an exclusive lab workspace for first-year students which is conducted in hands-on do-it-yourself mode. The aim of this lab is to make students learn, conceptualize and develop various engineering concepts with the help of live experimentation. It is a way of initiating student's creativity, curiosity and to instill a sense of confidence to think, explore and implement scientific ideas.

Mentor – Mentee Program

Students of today bear the burden of academic pressures, parental expectations, peer pressures and societal pressures. In this context, the timely availability of a mentor who can address such concerns goes a long way in easing this burden. The mentor works with his mentee to understand him, his needs, nature, and health problems if any, ambitions, interests, strengths and weaknesses. The mentor also acts as an interface between the Institute and the parents/ guardians.

Effective Industry Interface

Our students benefit from the close relationship Symbiosis has with whith eminent companies, through guest lectures, tech talks, webinars, value addition programs, hackathons, industrial visits, industrial projects and internships.

Global Immersion Program

Students have an option of studying one semester abroad at one of our foreign partner universities including Leibniz University Hannover, Germany; Nanyang Technological University, Singapore; Ingolstadt, Germany; University of Wolverhampton, UK; The University of Adelaide, Australia; The University of Queensland, Australia; Loughborough University, UK; Telecom Ecole De Management, Paris; Purdue School of Engineering & Technology, USA and many other universities; thus acquiring international exposure and a global outlook.

Floating Credit Program

A student from SIT can study a course from a host of other renowned Symbiosis institutes such as Symbiosis Law School or Symbiosis institute of Design, thus adding depth and breadth to his/her engineering knowhow. She/ He also takes up Service Learning to be sensitized about-us-the-institute the needs of the society.

Study of Liberal arts and Performing Arts

Courses on Liberal Arts and Performing Arts are a part of the curriculum of all B.Tech. programmes. An exposure to these courses is necessary to develop all round personality and to produce engineers who are good human beings too.

Diverse Demographic Background of Students

SIT attracts students from all over India, and even abroad, making the Institute a wonderful place for peer learning.

Special Diploma in Business Management from SIBM

Symbiosis Institute of Business Management is one of the top ranked business schools of the country and our students can opt for a special diploma from SIBM during the course of their studies at SIT.

Six Months Industry Internship

All our students benefit from a six months industry internship which is a part of the curriculum (Project Semester). This industry experience places them at a distinct advantage when they enter the job market.

Warm Welcome to the Symbiosis family!

SIT provides a very enriching and rewarding experience to all students. Routine of students includes an optimal mix of work, play and leisure. Curriculum and pedagogy have been designed in a way to make the teaching-learning process both interesting and challenging. Project based learning, choice of elective subjects of one’s interest, even from outside the curriculum of SIT, make the students really interested and involved. In addition, activities like Week-long Induction Programme, Mentor-Mentee system and strong bond between the students and faculty make the students always eager and motivated to learn. Year-round organization of technical, sports and cultural activities keep the students creatively engaged.