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Dr. Latika Pinjarkar

Associate Professor

  •   Ph.D.

Dr. Latika Pinjarkar obtained a BE degree in Computer Technology from Nagpur University, MH in 1999 and an M. Tech degree in Computer Technology and Application from CSVTU, CG, India in 2008. She obtained her Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from CSVTU CG, India in 2019. She has been engaged in research and teaching for more than 22 years. At present, she is an Associate Professor and Academic Head in the CSE Department at Symbiosis Institute of Technology Nagpur, Symbiosis International (Deemed University) Pune, MH, India.

She has presented more than 50 papers in International/National Journals/ Conferences and has 05 Patents to her credit. She has completed one research project sponsored by TEQIP-III. Her research interests include Image Processing, Computer Vision, Content-Based Image Retrieval(CBIR) and Machine Learning.

  • Operating Systems
  • Programming Paradigms
  • Specialization: Computer Vision, CBIR, Machine Learning
  • Focus: Computer Vision, CBIR, Machine Learning

Journal Publications

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1 Gagandeep Kaur et al., “Social Media in the Digital Age: A Comprehensive Review of Impacts, Challenges and Cybercrime,” Engineering Proceedings, March 2024.
2 Gagandeep Kaur et al. “A Comprehensive Review of Metaverse: Taxonomy, Impact, and the Hype around It,” Engineering Proceedings, March 2024.
3 Gagandeep Kaur, et al., “Predictive Modeling of Bitcoin Prices using Machine Learning Techniques,” International Journal of Intelligent Systems and Applications in Engineering (IJISAE), Feb 2024.
4 Rajesh Tiwari , M. Senthil Kumar, Tarun Dhar Diwan ,Latika Pinjarkar, Kamal Mehta,Himanshu Nayak ,Raghunath Reddy, Ankita Nigam & Rajeev Shrivastava “Enhanced Power Quality and Forecasting for PV-Wind Microgrid Using Proactive Shunt Power Filter and Neural Network-Based Time Series Forecasting” Electric Power Components and Systems, publisher: Taylor & Francis,
DOI: 10.1080/15325008.2023.2249894, Published online: 06 Sep 2023
5 Latika Pinjarkar,Manisha Sharma, Smita Selot “Improved System for Retrieval of Color Logo Images using PSO, SOM and Relevance Feedback Technique”. IT in Industry, Vol. 9, No.1, 2021, ISSN (Online) 2203-17 31,ISSN (Print) 2204- 0595, Published Online 10-03-2021
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 DOI: 16.10089.IJAMTES.2018.V8I03.15.43653.8(III):567-572.
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9 Latika Pinjarkar, Manisha Sharma,SmitaSelot“Novel System for Color Logo Recognition Using Optimization and Learning Based Relevance Feedback Technique” October-December 2017. International Journal of Computer Vision and Image Processing (IJCVIP) (IGI GLOBAL).ISSN: 2155-6997 EISSN: 2155-6989.
 DOI: 0.4018/IJCVIP.2017100103. 7(4):PP.28-40.
10 Latika Pinjarkar, Manisha Sharma, Kamal Mehta “Comparison and Analysis of Content Based Image Retrieval Systems Based on Relevance Feedback” July 2012. Journal of Emerging Trends in Computing and Information Sciences (CIS Journal). ISSN 2079- 8407.3(6): 833-837.


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1 Latika Pinjarkar, Manisha Sharma, Smita Selot “Comparison and Analysis of Trademark Image Retrieval Systems” August 13-14, 2016.International Conference on Cyber Security (ICCS 2016), Rajasthan Technical University, Kota.
2 Latika Pinjarkar, Manisha Sharma, Smita Selot “Improved Trademark Image Retrieval System using Relevance Feedback” December 23- 25, 2016. 8thInternational Conference on Computational Intelligence and Communication Networks (CICN IEEE). MIR Labs Chapter Jabalpur, India. DOI 10.1109/CICN.2016.65 :298-304.
3 Latika Pinjarkar, Manisha Sharma, Smita Selot “Efficient System for Color Logo Recognition based on Self-Organizing Map and Relevance Feedback technique” March 3-4 2017. 1st International Conference on Smart Computing and Informatics (SCI- 2017), Visakhapatnam, India. Smart Computing and Informatics,Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies 77,Springer Publisher, 53-62
  • Transfer Learning with Pre-Trained Models for Improved Disease Classification in Medical Imaging accepted for a book titled “Biomedical Signal and Image Processing using Deep Learning: A Comprehensive Approach” is to be published by Scrivener Publishing LLC and Wiley.
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1 Detection of Cardiac Arrest by using Network Intrusion Detection System: Published Application number: 202221034061 A by Indian Government Date of Publication 01/July/2022.
2 Multilingual Speaker Identification System: Published Application number: 202221032172 A by Indian Government Date of Publication 24/June/2022.
3 A System for Intensity Based Distinctive Feature Extraction and Matching for Sign Language: Published Application number: 202221032805 A by Indian Government Date of Publication 24/June/2022.