Events 2022-23

Induction Programme ‘AAGMAN’ 2022, SIT, Nagpur

Day 12

Symbiosis Institute of Technology, Nagpur has started the new academic session for the B. Tech. Computer Science & Technology students of batch 2022-26 with Induction and Orientation programme. The academic and holistic guiding sessions of induction programme had been set from 22nd August, 2022 to 3rd September, 2022 concluding with grand Cultural Programme by the new students. The Institute has signed an MOU with CFT (Crypto Forensics Technology), Nagpur. The Institute has also charted ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) Student Chapter. Along with this the Institute also formed Faculty Chapter with ISTE (Indian Society for Technical Education). The cultural programme had also included the publication of SIT, Nagpur’s first E Magazine ‘TECHMATES’. The welcome address was delivered by Dr. Mukesh Raghuwanshi, Director, SIT, Nagpur.

Induction Programme ‘AAGMAN’ 2022, SIT, Nagpur

Day 11

2nd of September 2022, the 11th day of the induction programme was continued by the speaker Mr. Nishant Nikam, on the topic, Lateral thinking.  As discussed in the prior session, students were told to come up with innovative ideas and present them and showcase their creativity in fields not limited to just technical knowledge and rather more on their Lateral and creative thinking capabilities. Students presented ideas like aiding the blind by aiming to make a proximity sensor device and also managing recyclable waste materials, just to name a few. After a short break, the session was continued on an online platform by Dr. Renuka on the topic Sexual harassment and Gender sensitisation. The students had a very informative and in-depth talk on the topics.

Induction Programme ‘AAGMAN’ 2022, SIT, Nagpur

Day 10

The 10th day of the induction programme was continued with same enthusiasm experienced on day 1 The morning session was with the speaker, Mrs. Kausar Imran. The students had an in-depth talk about stress management alongside dealing with procrastination. The session ended with the Director of SIT, Dr. Mukesh Raghuwanshi, addressing the students about overcoming the stress. After a short break, the students went ahead and had a very energetic and healthy session at DSRW (Department of Sports Recreation and Wellness) along with Dr. Pawan Bisht. The session measured and tested the students’ strength and cardiovascular capabilities by engaging in exercises like planks, wall pleas and toe touches. The session resulted in students realizing their capabilities in terms of physical prowess and motivated them to get better.

Induction Programme ‘AAGMAN’ 2022, SIT, Nagpur

Day 9

30th of August 2022, the 9th day of the induction programme was started with signing of an MOU with CFT, in order to improve the employability of students by imparting skills and making them industry ready. The session was carried out with students having an intelligent interaction with a very regarded speaker, Mr. Shrikant Ardhapurkar (a cyber-crime and corporate crime investigator) on the topic of Emerging Technology.  The highly interactive session resulted in students asking some very relevant questions. The programme was then continued by Dr. Girija Mahale (Head at Symbiosis Centre for Emotional Well-being) along with Ms. Simran Jhambia. The session was on the topic of Anxiety management which led students to very solid solutions to different forms of anxiety and also educated the gathering well.

Induction Programme ‘AAGMAN’ 2022, SIT, Nagpur

Day 8

29th of August 2022, the 8th day of the induction programme was started off by a very engaging topic. The topic was Lateral thinking, the guest speaker for said topic was Mr. Nishant Nikam followed by Mr. Arun Kose on the topic of innovation, the topics were resonating with each other and hence made the session more engaging and thought provoking.

The next segment of the programme was conducted online and was about ‘Symbicare’. Amongst so many distinguished guests, the students interacted with speakers including- Dr. Vaishali Jundre, Dr. Alka Chandak, Dr. Pawan Bisht, Ms. Simran Jhambia, Dr. Kedar Tambe and Dr. Kavitha Menon. This session informed the students about vivid facilities and the diverse and lively culture that Symbiosis University offers in its campus.

Induction Programme ‘AAGMAN’ 2022, SIT, Nagpur

Day 6

Day six of induction programme presented with robustness as there were ‘healthy’ sessions of Yoga and Zumba.

At 10 a.m. there was a session on Yoga by Mr. Shrikant and Mrs. Sudha. At 12:00 p.m. Mrs. Chanda hosted a Zumba session for the students in the SIT building. Students were filled with enthusiasm and enjoyed this unconventional activity to make sure they have a great health.

Induction Programme ‘AAGMAN’ 2022, SIT, Nagpur

Day 5

The same eagerness and keenness was continuing on the day fifth of the induction programme. At 10:00 a.m. Mr. Shrikant sir along with Dr. Sudha conducted a session on Mindfulness. He introduced the students to the concept of Cleansing the Inner Self and leading a Positive life.

At 12:00 p.m. there was a session on Personality Development and Grooming by Mrs. Veena Bahekar. She emphasized on the points of self-development and importance of grooming as well as the benefits of the combination of both these elements.

Induction Programme ‘AAGMAN’ 2022, SIT, Nagpur

Day 4

Day 4 of Induction 2022 started with great zeal and gusto. At 10:00 a.m. Mr. Shrikant along with Mrs. Sudha conducted a session on Meditation. His session guided about the emotional and physical benefits of meditation. At 12:00 p.m. Dr. Pangaonkar conducted a session on a much needed element in one’s life, that is, Self-Motivation. He motivated students about gaining a new perspective on stressful situations with self-awareness and self-motivation.

Induction Programme ‘AAGMAN’ 2022, SIT, Nagpur

Day 3

The event was conducted in Seminar Hall, at SIT Nagpur. At 10:00 am Mr. Devang Chayya conducted a session called ‘Sound of Silence’ where he made the students aware about the problems of Deaf and Dumb people, to identify and to help them. The session inspired a lot of students. At 12:00 pm a session was conducted by Mrs. Kausar Imran, in which she talked about mental and psychological well-being.

Induction Programme ‘AAGMAN’ 2022, SIT, Nagpur

Day 2

With curiosity and enthusiasm here was the day second of the induction programme. The function was held in the Seminar Hall, SIT, Nagpur.

At 10:00 am the students were introduced to the Student Representative council and central clubs where they were guided for the enrolment process. In the second session the students were taken to DSRW (Department of Sports, Recreation and Wellness) for a team-bonding activity in which students bonded with each other in different activities and enjoyed a lot. At 2:30pm there was a guidance session for uploading documents on ERP portal.

Induction Programme ‘AAGMAN’ 2022, SIT, Nagpur

22 August 2022, Day 1

When new students enter an institution, they come with diverse thoughts, backgrounds and preparations. They come into a new unfamiliar environment and many of them have little knowledge of a university / college. An important task, therefore, is to welcome new students to Higher Education and prepare them for their new role. Student Induction is designed to help in the whole process. Student Induction Programme engages with the new students as soon as they come into the institution; before regular classes start. At the start of the induction, the incumbents learn about the institutional policies, processes, practices, culture and values, along with some expert lectures. The opening of Induction programme ‘AAGMAN’ 2022 was held on 22-8-22 at 10:00 am in the seminar hall at SIT, Nagpur. It started with a short film about SIT, Nagpur. The students were addressed by Dr. Mukesh Raghuwanshi, Director, SIT, Nagpur. They were also addressed by Dr.Latika on Academic structure , and addressed by Dr. Bahadure on Examination and evaluation system . The Campus Admin Mr. Sanjay Shrivastava also addressed the students.

In the afternoon session at 12:30pm Mr. Devang Chhaya presented a session on organ donation and road safety called ‘Gift of Life’ which inspired a lot of students. The students were also addressed by Dr.Khomane, Dr.Poorva Agrawal, and Mrs. Monali Gulhane on Anti-ragging , Internationalization , and LMS registration process.