Mentor Mentee System


The path to diversity begins with supporting, mentoring, and sponsoring diverse women and men to become leaders and entrepreneurs.

Denise Morrison, former Campbell Soup Company CEO

The mentor-mentee program at SYMBIOSIS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY NAGPUR has been set up to cater the needs of the students for the development of their professional and personal career path. utilize the experience and expertise of faculty to address, through one-to-one interaction, the mentorship needs of our students seeking professional and personal development. The program's goal is to provide mentorship in a broad set of areas including careers, personal development, and other areas of professional interest.

Objectives of Mentoring Policy

The purpose of this program is to provide a meditative platform to improve the performance of students. Some important objective of this program are: -

  1. To focus and motivate students to achieve learning goals and thereby improve their academic performance.
  2. To generate interest in academics and other institutional activities amongst students.
  3. To provide an interactive and supportive platform to students to enhance their overall personality with value based professional education.

As per the requirements of the policy, each student shall be assigned to one faculty member (Mentor). Each mentor will be allocated a minimum of 20 students (mentees). Every year the mentor will change and students will get a new mentor. The mentor has to conduct regular meetings with the mentees at least once in a month. Mentor can conduct either one to one meeting or group meeting, depending upon the requirement. Mentor has to record the meeting details and submit the report to the director.

The mentor mentee relationship is to make the students feel free and create a homely environment; students shall also seek the psychological support from the mentor. The students can discuss the issues relating to curricular, co-curricular or hostel related issues with the mentor. The mentor will guide the students to solve the issues. If the issues are not resolved at the mentor level, the mentor can bring the issues to the notice of Head of the institution to get a solution. The student can seek moral support from the mentor. The mentor can advise the students on issues related to health, stress or other matters, if the student requires.

Duties of Mentor:

  1. Building a relationship of mutual trust and respect with the mentee.
  2. Be accessible and available to the mentee.
  3. Maintaining one-to- one or group interaction with the mentees.
  4. Ensuring his/her regular attendance in all activities of the institute.
  5. Maintaining personal records of the mentees.
  6. Guiding mentees for career preferences.
  7. Monitoring academic progress.
  8. Actively listening to mentees to understand their needs and expectations.
  9. Offering feedback on mentees academic and co-curricular performance
  10. Dealing with any issues or problems of mentees, wherever it is appropriate.

These set of responsibilities help build within the institute an environment which enables closer bonding of the students with the institution. The interactions and interventions help in resolving several issues which otherwise are difficult to even come to notice leading to dissatisfaction and discontent and acts as discouragement to the students.